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Back Home Again in Indiana

The End Is Near

Jesse faux graduated last weekend, and he’ll be done faux real on the 19th. It’s been a hella long 20 months and while I’m ecstatic my grad school widow/single mom days are numbered, I have to admit I’m a little sad about the end of my single mom days.


I realize I sound crazy because what’s made these last 20 months so hella long is the single mom element, but while it’s been exhausting, it’s also been amazing to get to have that much one on one time with Boogser. I wasn’t one of those moms who bonded with her kid before the placenta was even out, but he and I have made up for lost time and bonded hard over the last 20 months.

We now have our Children’s Museum routine down (snack, carousel, Playscape), our zoo routine down (tiger, carousel, snack), and our library routine down (trains, computer, dump all the puzzles). We like to start our weekend mornings with an adventure to Super Target and won’t say no to an out of the way stop for cheese curds. After an afternoon adventure, we like to come home to watch Sing (again) and eat popcorn.

After these last 20 months, I’m the one who’s fluent in Boogser’s toddlerese. I’m the one who knows that even though he says he wants a muffin, he’d rather have a cookie. And he’s the one who knows we can’t go anywhere before I go potty (and that the potty’s probably going to be our first stop once we get wherever we’re going because homegirl drinks a lot of coffee and water).

There have been countless car naps (more Boogs than me), countless meltdowns (more me than Boogs), and countless snack requests (a tie). We have lived at the Children’s Museum, we have lived at the park, we have lived a thousand lives. And it’s those thousand lives I’ll be forever grateful for because when we started this program, all Boogs ever wanted was Daddy; now he mostly still just wants Daddy, but he’s a lot more willing to settle for Mommy.

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