Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

Friday Five

Has anyone else’s life been utter chaos for the last 3ish weeks? I heard somebody say it’s because Mercury’s in retrograde. I never took physics so I have no idea what that means, but I will gladly pin this on space. Mostly because it means I now understand why we need a Space Force.

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Yesterday was the first day in about a month that I didn’t have to wake Boogser up – and that includes weekends. I’d be lying if I said having him sleep until 9 or 9:30 in the am on the weekend hasn’t been amazing but seeing how tired he is in the morning is so sad. One day last week I got him up, and he came out to the kitchen where he promptly laid down on the floor with his pillow and asked me to tuck him in. He then told me, “I don’t want to get dressed; I want to lay down.” I seriously debated calling us both in sick that morning. Last Sunday we went to breakfast with my parents before they headed back home, and at one point he leaned into me and said, “I want to go to sleep.” Dude is new levels of tired. Apparently, graduation and Symphony on the Prairie back to back weekends will do that to you.

I’ve been getting caught up on The Goldbergs, and it dawned on me the other day that some day Boogs is going to have a life outside of me, and I can’t quite wrap my mind around that. I mean, he kind of has a life outside of me now with school, but someday he’ll always be hanging out with his friends instead of me, and then he’ll go to college, and then he’ll have the nerve to move out. I’m not freaking out over this because I think you have to wait until they’re at least 5 before you can do that, but it’s safe to say I’ll never be ready for this.

I changed the sheets the other day, and a couple nights later Jesse asked me if I flipped the mattress, too. How he even thinks it’s possible for me to flip a mattress single handedly (although I suppose it’s possible he thought I used both hands) is beyond me, but I appreciate his belief in my brute strength. I also hope this means he has a healthy fear of said strength because make no mistake – I could easily crush him.

Jesse’s last grad school class officially ends on Sunday, and we’re both over here with Ricky Bobby hands on what we’re going to do with all that time together. I don’t even remember how to think about a weekend without trying to figure out how to keep Boogs entertained single mom style, and he doesn’t remember how to hang out with us without trying to do homework at the same time. I anticipate a lot of him forcing me to watch Airplane Repo and a lot of me forcing him to clean the bathrooms. It should be a good time.

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