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Monthly Archives: September, 2018

Friday Five

Boogser has been on fire this week. I took him to Target on Sunday where we trolled the Halloween section. Right next to the Halloween stuff was some fall beer, … Continue reading

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Sick and Tired

When you really think about it, it’s a miracle my child is still alive – he eats nothing but carbs, he never pays attention to where he’s walking, and I … Continue reading

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Friday Five

When life gives you hurricanes, you go camping instead (jk I don’t camp). Vacation was supposed to be a week at the beach in Charleston, but thanks to Florence’s impeccable … Continue reading

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8 Minute Memoir (Camping)

I forget where I saw the 8 Minute Memoir, but it seemed like a good writing exercise so I figured I’d jump on board. I’m incredibly behind and have no idea … Continue reading

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Friday Five

I have been a disaster of a human and physically incapable of remembering anything this week. Labor Day weekend was a legitimate surprise to me, and it just went downhill … Continue reading

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I Was Dumb

When I was preggers I had so many thoughts on what type of mom I would be. I would make my own baby food, I would breastfeed for a year, … Continue reading

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