Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

Friday Five

I have been a disaster of a human and physically incapable of remembering anything this week. Labor Day weekend was a legitimate surprise to me, and it just went downhill from there. All day Tuesday I kept forgetting it was our anniversary, I forgot to upload my show for Utah, and I forgot to do the music news that runs nationally so good thing that wasn’t a big deal or anything. I keep telling myself I’ll have my life together again after vacation, and I 88% believe it.


We spent Labor Day hanging out in the backyard practicing for vacation. We blew up Boogser’s pool, declared it the inflatable above ground hot tub, and at one point all 3 of us were in it which I can only assume was a real treat for the neighbors. Boogs also spent a fair amount of time trying to convince me the kid who lives behind us was out so he could go over and play with his toys.

Labor Day was also spent becoming one with our grill. We have a charcoal grill like the real men we are so grilling is a full blown event at our house. We did ribs for lunch Saturday, mustard chicken Sunday, and shoved a beer can up a chicken’s butt on Monday. The ribs and beer can chicken recipes came from the How to Grill book and will change your life. Every recipe we’ve tried from that book has made us look like we were born knowing how to grill. It’s a useless book if you have a gas grill, though, since it assumes that if you wanted to use an oven, you’d just use an oven.

Tuesday was our 7th anniversary and we celebrated in style with hibachi takeout and, as per anniversary tradition, Spinal Tap. I also realized that Boogser fully believes it’s not an anniversary until he has released some sort of bodily fluid. Last year he covered Jesse in vomit (and then immediately asked to go play outside) and this year he decided to go ahead and get his first tub poop in. Kids are super fun.

I started a questionable weekly habit of stopping after Orangetheory to get the boys donuts for breakfast. Boogs requests a pink one every week, but since I go to Dunkin not Titus, he has to settle for chocolate frosted with sprinkles. Last week said sprinkles were Halloween which I was 1000% not okay with, but Jesse declared them “spooooooky sprinkles” (said in your best Halloween voice) so Boogs was 1000% on board. Yesterday’s donut was just regular sprinkles, and that child was not impressed. Not so unimpressed as to not take that donut down, but he did voice his displeasure several times.

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