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Friday Five

When life gives you hurricanes, you go camping instead (jk I don’t camp). Vacation was supposed to be a week at the beach in Charleston, but thanks to Florence’s impeccable timing, we spent the week in Gatlinburg instead. We lucked out that a) we were able to find a rental (we needed it Monday and booked it Sunday afternoon while Boogs took a nap), and that b) said rental was amazing. It slept 16, had a theater room upstairs, and its own indoor pool downstairs. Ridiculous for just the 3 of us, yes, but I would 100% do it again. The pool and theater meant vacation with a toddler was actually relaxing which, as anyone with a toddler knows, is virtually unheard of. My biggest complaints were the beds weren’t comfortable at all and the corner with the stove was so dark it was like cooking in a cave. But did I mention it had a private indoor pool?


Speaking of vacation, a million out of ten would recommend an Amazon Fire Kids Tablet. That thing saved us on the hella long drive with a toddler (I changed the settings from an hour of video time to unlimited video time). Boogs spent 98% of the ride down to South Carolina watching the same 12 minute video on repeat. He didn’t use it quite as much on the way home, but when he started melting down around 465, I pulled up his favorite video and he was content for the rest of the ride home.


We didn’t really walk around downtown Gatlinburg so I missed out on the jerky outlet, but Kroger had a coupon for a free Epic bar which is kind of the same thing. I went with the Bison Uncured Bacon & Cranberry flavor and would go with that again. I like it because it’s not as tough/chewy as regular jerky. But it’s also not ostrich so still 1 point jerky outlet.

tcm 2

I have no idea where it’s stemming from, but for the last few nights Boogser has been hell bent on having a ponytail (he then insists I have a ponytail, too). I’m not fighting it because it’s hilarious and really not worth fighting, but I am concerned about the tantrum that’s going to happen when we get his hair cut in the next week or so and it’s too short to go into a ponytail.


We don’t own a scale because I get obsessive (not like anorexic obsessive so much as oh I just peed let’s see how much that weighed obsessive), but while we were in South Carolina, I hopped on the scale at the Children’s Museum and at the hotel gym out of curiosity (I told you – obsessive), and I’m up somewhere between 5 and 10 pounds from last December. At the same time I have people asking me if I’m losing weight lately so please take this as your daily reminder that the scale doesn’t tell the whole story. (I was hesitant to even mention this because I realize it can come across as a humble brag, but it’s really not meant to be. It honestly just drives me crazy when people base everything on what the scale says when there’s so much more that goes into being a healthy size for you. It also drives me crazy when people don’t understand that a 5 minute diet isn’t going to change anything, but this is all another post for another day.)

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