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8 Minute Memoir (Learning New Things)

I forget where I saw the 8 Minute Memoir, but it seemed like a good writing exercise so I figured I’d jump on board. I’m already incredibly behind and have no idea when/if I’ll finish it. Such suspense!


I should have known it wouldn’t work; it was way too much like a hobby. But I’d been intrigued for awhile and the #The100DayProject seemed like the perfect time to start. So I hopped on Amazon, ordered the Hand Lettering 101 book that had been all over the online, threw in a sketchbook and some pens, and congratulated myself on finally learning how to hand letter.

I started out like the committed human I was – every night I’d sit down at the kitchen table and spend 15 to 30 minutes learning one letter at a time. Then I started to miss a night here and there, and by the time I got to n, I missed every night for the rest of my life. Again, I should have seen it coming because this was basically a hobby, and if there’s one thing I’m terrible at, it’s a hobby. I’ve gone through many a phase where I decide I’m going to learn how to be crafty or how to plant things (I have the empty planter and half a scraptbook to prove it) and about 3 days later I’m back to declaring reading my one and only hobby.

This isn’t to say I won’t try to force myself into learning another hobby; it’s just that I’ve learned this hobby is best packed up in a box and shipped to my sister who actually is crafty.

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