Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

Friday Five

There’s something about having my nails painted that really makes me feel like I have my life together. Getting them done at the nail place, however, ain’t cheap so in an attempt to be a financially responsible adult (so boring and would not recommend), I finally picked up some Essie gel couture polish. This stuff is the unicorn of nail polishes. I can typically get a week’s wear out of regular polish if I do an extra layer of top coat a few days after I initially do them so it’s not the longevity that’s blowing my mind; it’s the application. It goes on smoother than I knew was possible for a polish to go on, and the most magical part of all – it doesn’t smudge. Typically I’ll do my nails a few hours before bed and wake up with them hella smudged and indented from the sheets, but I haven’t had that problem at all with the gel couture polish. Worth every penny in my book.


I had to take Boogser to the pediatrician this week, and as soon as we turned onto the road that goes to the parking lot, he knew exactly where we were. He was super clingy and told me in the lobby that he didn’t want to go in to the exam room. Once we were in the exam room, he told me he didn’t want to go on the table in between requests for  a popsicle (he got a popsicle once about a year ago when they had to swab him for the flu and do a breathing treatment while we were there). The popsicle request was denied, but he didn’t have to go on the table and my unspoken request for snuggles was filled so we called it a win. Also, the scale there must be broken because it said he was only 28.6 pounds, and as the one who carries him around, there’s no way he’s anywhere under 60 pounds.

Speaking of Boogs, his new favorite activity is playing in his room in the dark while wearing socks as gloves. You can tell me I’m not raising a serial killer, but I won’t believe you.


Remember the Cinnamon Mini Buns cereal from childhood? No? Your childhood sounds sad and empty. Anyway. . .Kashi by Kids Honey Cinnamon is the grown up version. Technically, it’s the kid’s version, but it’s not nearly as crazy on the sugar (even though it tastes like it is) so I’m calling it the grown up version.

We’ve officially hit October which means I’ve officially lost my mind. We’re going to Florence + The Machine in 2 weeks, a week after that is Jim Gaffigan, Halloween and a birthday party are the next week, then it’s Boogser’s birthday, Thanksgiving 2 weeks after that, and then Christmas. In my mind, it may as well be January and I would like a 72 hour nap please and thank you.

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