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In Defense of Monday

Last week was. . .last week was last week. I had too much going on and handled it by yelling “I HAVE TOO MUCH GOING ON”, shutting down, and doing nothing. That’s actually been pretty much all of October (hence my Halloween decorations not going up until last Wednesday). This week, though, is my damn oyster.


Yesterday alone I churned out 592 commercials and crossed 83 things off my to do list. And then I went to TRX because beast mode is beast mode. Seriously though, it felt good to go into yesterday feeling like I was ready to make this week the opposite of last week. I have plans for at least one more blog post this week and while my to do list is growing at an alarming rate, it still feels manageable. And that’s what I like about Monday – it’s a fresh start.

Sure it’s a lot bit painful rolling out of bed at 6 in the am (especially after I got to live the dream and sleep until 8:30 both Saturday and Sunday), but it’s also nice knowing I’ll get to eat breakfast in peace and get dressed without having to yell at anyone to leave the toilet paper alone. Monday fills my head with thoughts of a completed to do list at the end of the week (ha), actually knocking out 3 workouts for the week (haha), and a child who actually eats the dinner I give him (hahahahahahahaha). And yes, these hopes and dreams are typically crushed by 2 in the pm Tuesday, but it sure is nice while it lasts.

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