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Monthly Archives: November, 2018

Friday Five

A few months ago we went to dinner and, per usual, as we were leaving, Boogs told us he didn’t want to go home. We asked what he wanted to … Continue reading

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The Christmas Tree

In 2011, we discovered the wonder that is the pre-lit Christmas tree. In 2017, we learned all good things must come to an end as the bottom third of the … Continue reading

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Boogser’s been playing soccer for a year now, and every time they send a “report card” home, he’s always acknowledged for his “creative soccer style” which I believe is code … Continue reading

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3 is no longer calling peanut butter “bunga”, but it’s still saying “him” and “her” instead of “he” and “she”. 3 is belting out the parts of the songs you … Continue reading

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Friday Five

Fun fact: when you wait until the last weekend of October and the weather’s not what you’d call great, the pumpkin patch is half price! Granted the pumpkins left in … Continue reading

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10 Year Beariversary

Before Jesse and I got married and had a kid, we used to do wild and crazy things like on a whim, drive up to Asheville to have lunch at … Continue reading

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