Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

The Christmas Tree

In 2011, we discovered the wonder that is the pre-lit Christmas tree. In 2017, we learned all good things must come to an end as the bottom third of the lights committed to a lifetime of hibernation.


This life lesson was followed by many an utterance of “we need to get a new Christmas tree”, several of those utterances uttered in front of a 3 year old which then led to many a demand to go get a new Christmas tree. The weekend before Thanksgiving we yielded to those demands and set out on a good old fashioned family adventure to the Christmas tree farm at Super Target. Fate was not on our side that day and the tree we wanted was out of stock so we left with but a bag of apples, loaf of bread, and an indoor snowball fight marking the one and only time Target charged me less than $30 for an exit fee. We also left with a disgruntled 3 year old who didn’t understand why we weren’t taking home a perfectly good pink Christmas tree, but Target let us have that experience for free.

The following day, after more 3 year old urging to go get a Christmas tree, we journeyed to the Christmas tree farm at Lowe’s where we struck gold and left with not only a new Christmas tree, but a screw for the dining room outlet plate that’s spent the last year of its life being held in place with painters tape for ours is a fancy house. Once we arrived home, we found ourselves yet again with a disgruntled 3 year old as he struggled to understand why the Christmas tree was going in the garage instead of in our living room. But last Saturday, all that disgruntled 3 year old’s Christmas tree dreams came true as he finally helped Jesse put it up.


As with most 3 year olds, Boogser’s help mostly consists of playing with the trash, and damn if he didn’t give his all to that task. (In case you were wondering, bubble wrap makes an excellent garland.) He was PUMPED to finally turn the lights on. . .and then promptly started demanding presents. Only 28 days to go.

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