Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

Friday Five

A few months ago we went to dinner and, per usual, as we were leaving, Boogs told us he didn’t want to go home. We asked what he wanted to do, and he told us he wanted to go shopping, which is also standard for this child. Since Dick’s was right there and Jesse needed a winter coat anyway, we decided to appease the then closing in on 3 year old, and that’s where I found the new love of my life. As soon as I saw this sweatshirt fleece thing, I knew it belonged to me. It’s the comfiest, coziest sweatshirt fleece thing I’ve ever owned in my life, and I pray we never have to part due to sad life events like holes and stains.


Last Thanksgiving, Boogs was all about the pumpkin pie. Little dude was taking down entire slices all about it. This year, he was all about air. He seriously ate nothing. Actually, I take that back – he ate the required baby bite of crescent roll it took to get a piece of pie he then spent 20 minutes playing with. I’m not exactly mad because it meant more pie for me, but it would also be nice if my child ate something besides air for once.

Since I’m not a glutton for punishment, my Black Friday shopping consisted of picking up my ClickList order. That took all of 10 minutes so in the afternoon, we took my parents to the zoo so that now when we say we took them to the zoo we’re actually correct. Let me tell you the best time to go to the zoo – 2:30 in the afternoon when Christmas at the Zoo doesn’t start until 5. The place is basically empty, but you still get to see the lights on your way out. We also got lucky and the bears and tigers were super active. Jesse got stared down by one of the bears so it’s possible he’s not welcome back. I’m not an animal expert so I don’t really know how it works.


I had my annual blood letting this morning, and the note from the doctor with my results says, “Overall your labs are okay.” What does that mean??? Are some of them not okay? Are they important ones? AM I DYING????

We had our work Christmas party at Top Golf yesterday, and it turns out I’m not terrible at golf. Don’t get confused and think I’m great, but I’m not the worst. I’m somewhere between Tiger Woods and Happy Gilmore which makes sense when you think about my mad mini golf skills. Seriously, I will school you at mini golf. Ask Jesse. I’ve made him cry. . .on the inside. . .in my head. . .where it counts.

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