Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

Friday Five

When you pop out a boy, you don’t think your mornings are going to consist of Frozen on repeat as your child runs laps around your house sing screaming Do You Want to Build a Snowman. . .and yet, here we are. He interrupts the singing just long enough to knock on the fridge and say, “Elsa?” before he’s back at it.

conner prairie

BOOGSIE PEED IN THE POTTY!!!!! He did it 3 times on New Year’s Day, twice at school yesterday, again this morning, and hopefully he’s doing it all day at school today. We’re “rewarding” this behavior with straight fist bumps, but he got a sucker for it at school yesterday so we’ll see how long just the fist bumps last before he starts demanding candy. I’m willing to cave on that front because the sooner he masters the potty, the sooner he’ll be done pooping in hallways.

I’ve spent years proclaiming my utter disdain for cake so when I tell you you need to make this chocolate cake, you need to make this chocolate cake. I “stole” the recipe from my sister (it’s actually from Joy of Baking but it’s her go to cake recipe) to make for my dad’s birthday last weekend, and I’ve been handling the leftovers solo. That’s correct. I, the self-proclaimed cake hater, have taken down almost half a cake single handedly. To be fair, the recipe only makes an 8×8 cake and I’ve been keeping it in the fridge which makes it extra delectable. My sister makes it with some sort of vanilla icing, but I rolled with the chocolate ganache type frosting in the recipe and I cannot recommend that enough (especially when topped with some whipped cream).

paw patrol

One of Boogser’s Christmas presents this year was tickets to Paw Patrol Live, and it blew his little mind. He was so pumped he was going to a show this time (we’ve ditched him with my parents or a babysitter several times to go to a show without him) that he’s still asking us, “Remember when we went to my show?” He was super into it the whole time and did not want to leave. He told me a couple times he’d be going back to the show after his nap so things got a little rough at our house that afternoon.

Every parent ever needs to know about Artkive so this is me making sure you know (they’re not paying me for this although I wouldn’t say no if they did). It’s an app that stores all your kid’s artwork so then you can toss the actual papers and not look like an episode of Hoarders. Hold on because it gets even more exciting – you can then make a book of their artwork which is exactly what I did for grandparents, aunts, and uncles for Christmas this year. The books weren’t cheap, but they’re really good quality and made me look like a genius so it was 100% worth it. I think the app’s like $10 a month, but again, it lets you toss all the paper so you don’t die a hoarder which again, makes it 100% worth it.

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