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Boogser has been waking up at 5:18 on the dot every morning for the past 5 mornings (not that I’m keeping track) and around then or earlier for the past 14 mornings (again, not that I’m keeping track). I have no idea why he’s getting up so early – or why he screams like he’s being kidnapped multiple times in the night – and it honestly makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong as a parent because dude’s 3 now and from everything I read he should definitely be sleeping like a champ by now, but that’s a different topic for a different day. My point today is that until a few minutes ago, this 5:18 wake up call was the worst thing ever. But a few minutes ago I had a bit of a revelation – what if instead of telling myself and everyone I encounter how terrible it is, I embrace it?


I’ve been fighting with myself for close to 3 years now to get back to morning workouts in my living room so what if I use his 5:18 wake up call as the catalyst to actually make it happen? I’ve been fighting with myself for close to 2 years now to get up earlier so I can start the day in some semblance of non-straight chaos so what if I use his 5:18 wake up call as the catalyst to make that happen, too?

Anyone with a 3 year old realizes how insane this sounds because how is he not going to be 1000% in the way as I try to workout or read a chapter of a book? And these are legit questions I’m asking myself without really knowing the answers, but I’m leaning towards I can make it work with the help of his Fire tablet and On Demand. I’m sure there will be mornings where he’ll be clingy or whiny and I won’t be able to get a workout in or read in peace, and I know every morning he’ll have a million questions and requests for help to interrupt me with, but the more I think about it, the more I think this might be the solution to the 5:18 in the am problem.

Jesse still gets to sleep, I get some extra sort of time to myself, Boogs gets videos – we all win. Of course this is crazy easy to say as I sit here writing this hopped up on iced coffee at 3 in the afternoon. We’ll see what 5:18 tomorrow morning looks like.

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