Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

Friday Five

Last weekend was nice enough to go to the park, but this weekend we’re staring down a winter storm warning which is pretty much the worst thing the mother of a 3 year old can be staring down. For his part, Boogs is PUMPED for the prospect of snow; he told me on the way to school today that he was going to run around in it while yelling, “This is amazing!” just like Anna in Frozen. I’m just hoping it’s warm enough that this can actually happen because being cooped up in the house all weekend is not going to end well.


Remember when I decided “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” was probably the best strategy for Boogser’s 5:18 wakeup call? Guess what. I was correct. . .for one day anyway. I set my alarm for 5 in the am Wednesday to give myself time to change into workout clothes before 5:18, and I actually got up! To be completely honest, I woke up at 4:59 for some reason, turned the alarm off so it wouldn’t wake Jesse, and laid in bed for a few minutes seriously debating going back to sleep, but then I heard Boogser’s moaning coming through the wall and figured that meant I had about 30 seconds until the screaming began so I dragged myself out of bed and into the bathroom to get changed. He ended up sleeping until close to 6, but since I was up, I got a quick workout in, and I have to say, it felt nice to be back. (Can I say that when it was just the one time?)

We finished The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel right after Christmas and have been filling the sad empty hole in our lives with Bosch ever since. My dad recommended it, and based on my mom’s face after said recommendation and reading the show description, I figured it would be one of those shows that Jesse watches while I read a book, but I’ve actually really enjoyed it. We just finished season 2 last night, and I have to say I much prefer season 2 to season 1 only because the bad guy’s not a hella creeper haunting my dreams every night. I feel bad for that actor’s family because society is not looking at him kindly right now.


Last year I set a goal to read 12 books which I thought was ambitious considering my life circumstances, but despite one of those books taking me about 3 months to get through, I managed to read 20. So obviously this year I set my goal at 15 (I will be a sandbagger until the day I die). The last book I read last year was Big Little Lies, and I cannot recommend it enough. I was so surprised by the twist at the end that I almost woke Jesse up to express my shock because someone needed to know. What Alice Forgot is still my favorite Liane Moriarty book, but this one is a hella close second. (And before you ask, we’re too cheap for HBO so no, I haven’t watched the show.)

It was crazy stupid windy the other day, and as I was putting Boogs in the car after school, he told me I needed to make the wind stop. I asked if he thought I controlled the wind and he said yes which was so perfect because we all know my mom controls the weather (she has a magnet that says she does so it’s stone cold fact at this point) and everyone says she and I are basically the same person so it’s only fitting he would instinctively know if I’ve inherited that life skill. Speaking of inherited life skills, I went to dinner and a movie with a friend the other night and ordered pizza for the boys. Jesse told me he got Boogser set at the table with his pizza and milk and was then told, “Don’t watch me eat my pizza. Go sit on your couch.” He gets it from his mama.

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