Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

Friday Five

People like to work on the assumption that because I work in radio, I spend a fair amount of time hanging out with celebrities, and this is absolutely true because I spend a fair amount of time hanging out with myself. As for the artists who pass through, however, it’s typically people you haven’t heard of until at least 5 years later, if ever. Except for Tuesday when Jess Glynne rolled through. I’ve had her first album for forever and listen to her second album fairly frequently on Spotify so meeting her was almost like when I met Keith Urban (that man will forever be the golden standard of celebrity encounters for obvious reasons).

jess glynne

It’s going to cramp your style a bit, but I highly recommend occasionally taking your husband to Target with you so he gains a real understanding for why you can’t get out of there for under $100. We left with 2 pillows, a night light, and a Moleskine notebook, none of which were on the list, and, more importantly, none of which I was responsible for putting in the cart. He also got us a steal of a deal on the plastic tub we got to put Boogser’s Magnatiles in – the corner of the lid was chipped and he finagled a whole 80 cent discount for our trials and tribulations.

The night light was a disaster by the way. I thought it would be brilliant because it’s Chase from Paw Patrol so it would be like Boogser having a friend hanging out in his room all night and maybe he’d finally stop screaming. But then we learned the hard way it turns itself off after 15 minutes which is worse than having no night light at all. Who designs a child’s night light to turn off after 15 minutes???? We’re now the proud owners of what’s basically a $12 Chase trophy.


Whenever Boogser’s doing something he thinks is awesome and I need to see, he tells me, “Looking at me, Mommy!” At least 50% of the time he’s telling me to look at something he should not be doing and gets himself in trouble, but the other morning I looked up to see what you see above. Sometimes he gets it right.

Jesse’s car is a 2006 Honda Accord that he bought used in 2009. It hasn’t had a properly functioning radio in at least a year, the passenger door lock does what it wants, and parts are now falling off the bottom. Since he just got a new job that’s downtown instead of 5 minutes from our house, the time has finally come to replace it. This terrifies me because a) we haven’t had a car payment in over 3 years, and b) we’re being complete idiots and taking a 3 year old car shopping tomorrow. I say complete idiots because we took a 2 year old car shopping last year so we can’t even sit here and say, “Well maybe it won’t be that bad.” No. We know exactly what we’re getting ourselves into. We’d appreciate thoughts and prayers at this difficult time in our lives.

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