Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

Still Alive

I feel like a squirrel coming out of hibernation over here (do squirrels hibernate?). The last few months have been rough, and when things get rough, I tend to turtle. But I feel like it’s finally starting to maybe turn around so here I am butterflying all over this blog (and mentioning a lot of animals so you know we went to the zoo last weekend). I have no real plan for this post other than to confirm we’re still alive so brace yourself for some solid word vomit.

Falls Park

For reasons I won’t get into, vacation was a disaster (apologies on the obnoxious vagueness, but HIPPA’s a thing so here we are). We had one good beach day and the rest was a solid waste of six vacation days. I’m sure one day we’ll look back on it and fondly roll our eyes, but today is not that today. Instead, today is the day I absolutely do not want to see any of your vacation pictures. I honestly don’t even want to hear about your vacation. I’d rather spend the next year pretending everyone’s vacation was a disaster and we all spent 2019 in misery. Actually, now that we’re two weeks out, we’re done wallowing and trying to plan some fun things for the summer, but I still really don’t want to hear about your vacation.


Good news: Boogs still isn’t sleeping. But I think we found the culprit. . .the nap. We’ve been skipping a nap on the weekends and, for the most part, little dude passes right out when I put him to bed around 7:30. Then every Monday we’re right back on the struggle bus because he took at least a 90 minute nap at school. Our solution right now is to put him to bed later during the week, but what we really need to do is get him to where he’ll just hang out in his room playing quietly until he passes out because having no time in the evening without your 3 year old is even more terrible than it sounds.


One afternoon of disaster vacation, I took Boogser over to Jesse’s aunt’s house to swim and play with the toys she had upstairs. Said toys were mostly pink and princess toys which meant he swam for maybe 10 minutes and then asked to go play with the toys again. Dude loves him some pink and princesses. He walked out of there with a Barbie he declared Elsa and an Elsa dress that he pretty much hasn’t taken off since which has led to a nightly show of him twirling around in said dress while singing Let It Go. My only complaint is the song choice.

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