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Father’s Day

We did round one of Father’s Day last Thursday and a weird round two on Sunday which was actually Father’s Day so since time is circling all around us, let’s keep the party going and talk dads today. Jesse’s probably not going to be happy if he ever hears about this post because it’s going to give away all his secrets, but I saw a list in the show prep last week of signs you’ve hit “peak dad” and they’re mostly so spot on I have no choice but to go through it.

fry cigars

  1. Laughing at your own bad jokes. The man has done this for years. So long in fact, we had to have a child just so he could justify this behavior.
  2. Busting out bad dance moves. Boogs loves a good dance party, and Jesse has been there to teach him all the best moves – the sprinkler, what’s supposed to pass for an Irish jig, whatever the one hand behind your head as your other hand holds your knee up is called. . .he’s got them all and the injuries to prove it.
  3. Embarrassing your kids on purpose. Boogs isn’t really old enough for this one yet, but Jesse and I both look forward to this day.
  4. Always manning the grill. He is, without a doubt, the grill master in our house. It’s his summer hobby.
  5. Constantly doing repairs around the house. I wouldn’t say constantly so much as when he gets a wild hair, but once he starts, all the projects are going to be done within the next five hours.
  6. Getting excited to go to home improvement stores. If you count Tractor Supply as a home improvement store, then yes. He prefers Tractor Supply because it’s less crowded and easier to break things.
  7. Spending lots of time in “the shed”. Is “the shed” code for “the bathroom”? Because he spends about 90% of his nights and weekends in that shed.
  8. Having “a chair”. He doesn’t have a chair, but he does have his spot on the couch. The spot that Boogs has declared “yucky because you sit there all day.” This child is a gift.
  9. Taking mid-afternoon naps. If grilling is his summer hobby, napping is his year round hobby. When we first started dating, he would take a 2 to 3 hour nap on the weekends and would probably still nap for that long if I didn’t let Boogs wake him up after about an hour. Again, that child is a gift.
  10. Wearing cargo shorts. He just got new shorts which are not cargo shorts, but he still has several pairs in his dresser for when the dad itch just can’t be scratched.

While I can’t argue that this is a fairly comprehensive list, I do have to point out they missed the biggest sign you’ve hit peak dad: calling yourself a “rad dad”. This happens at least nine times a week over here, and every time it does, Jesse levels up. He’s sitting at Phil Dunphy right now, but give him a few weeks and he’ll be up to Danny Tanner.

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