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I once read in a blog that when a blogger disappears for awhile, it’s because she’s pregnant. Luckily I’m not a real blogger so I’m not pregnant (although I did just take a bunch of baby stuff to Goodwill so that should have me good and knocked up within the week) so much as unable to put a coherent thought together because there’s too much going on. It’s not necessarily good or bad stuff; it’s just stuff taking up all the space in my brain making me hella scattered in every aspect of my life. So in an attempt to free up some brain space, I present to you everyone’s favorite lazy post – a brain dump.


The highlight of our lives right now is inching to the finish line of the potty training odyssey. I’m specifically choosing the word odyssey over journey because Boogser is 3 ½ years old, and we’ve been potty training for 12 of those years so journey doesn’t even begin to cover it. Journey implies a few trials and tribulations along a miles long trek, but this has been the preschool equivalent of a very long, very terrible poem. We started this voyage on New Year’s Day when he randomly asked to go potty in the toilet and I naively thought this would be a walk in the park. Now here we are in October, having just mastered pooping in the potty last week and with pull ups still very much a part of our nightly life. But this is by far superior to the endless diaper/pull up changes and cleaning up man sized poops barely contained by said diaper/pull up that was our life so I’ll take it.

In other news, Boogser’s eardrum basically exploded without us knowing so we are definitely nailing this whole parenting thing. I also spent the related trip to urgent care getting my hair done so without a doubt, I have Mom of the Year on lock. In my defense, I was 99% sure it was an ear infection (and I wasn’t wrong; the infection was just the week before and it was now a perforated eardrum), and when I said I was going to reschedule my hair appointment that was in an hour, Jesse told me to keep it and he’d take Boogs to the doctor. Don’t you worry – I put my time in by killing an hour at Kroger waiting for the prescription that was supposed to be ready when I got there.


Said prescription was thisclose to being the death of me. You know how every kid loves amoxicillin because it tastes like bubblegum? I have the one kid in the universe who thinks bubblegum “tastes like yuck.” He flat out refused to take a couple doses (we’d force it in his mouth and he’d spit it out) so I called the pediatrician to see if there was something else we could do – an enema honestly would have been preferable at this point – and they suggested mixing it with something. The oh so wise ZPL listeners suggested mixing it with flavored yogurt which worked like a damn charm. Hopefully it’ll keep working until the 10 days are up. If not, I’ll just have daycare do all 3 daily doses since he takes it like a champ there because kids are the worst.

We’ve had some non-traumatic things happening, too, like when Jesse and I ditched Boogs with my parents and took the train into Chicago for the day where we walked 6 miles and ate pate, caviar, and pig’s ear like the fancy people we are not (cannot recommend The Purple Pig enough). Boogs and I also got a sneak peek at the Children’s Museum’s haunted house one night, he learned Old Town Road from some of his friends at school, and Jesse left a library book on top of his car all day in the pouring rain so like I said, there’s been a lot going on over here.

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