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Mom Brain

I was getting ready the other morning when Jesse walked into the bathroom to ask me what channel Shimmer & Shine is on. Without hesitating I told him Nick Jr, and that seemingly useless random knowledge so close to the top is mom brain in a nutshell.


People say mom brain turns you into an idiot, but it actually turns you into a genius (of sorts). Sure we can’t tell you things like the names of all the types of triangles or our parents’ zip code, but we can tell you the names and backstories of all the Paw Patrol characters. Mom brain has left us devoid of knowledge on topics like who the governor is and how to boil an egg, but I’ll be damned if we can’t tell you exactly what time our child was born, exactly how much they weighed, and just how big their head circumference was [3:27 pm, 8 lbs 3 oz, 16 cm (not a typo)]. We can tell you strawberries are in and cantaloupe is out this week, the “daddy jammies” are the flannel Paw Patrol jammies, and Crazy Hair Day is next Friday, but don’t bother asking us about what movies came out this weekend because we have absolutely no idea.

We’re walking around with the knowledge of what size shoe and underwear our child wears as well as the names of their doctor and dentist and 98% certainty we know when the next appointment is. We’ll never forget what dose of Tylenol they’re on, and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommending they stay rear facing in their carseat until they’re 40 pounds is forever seared into our mom brains. We have zero recollection of who won the Spanish American War, but we vividly recall exactly what time we have to have them at school if we want them to eat breakfast there.

So yeah, maybe mom brain means we can’t remember conventional knowledge like our last 3 addresses, but it also means we’re all over knowing which episode of Shimmer & Shine is the one where they’re tiny. Like I said, mom brain turns you into an indisputable genius.

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