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If you haven’t been following along on Instagram Stories, surprise! We bought a house and sold a house all in a 4 day span last week. I realize this sounds insane, but Jesse’s birthday is Friday and I really didn’t know what else to get him so we had to move fast.


To be clear, this was not the plan so much as us accidentally buying a house last Saturday. When we met with the realtor 3 weeks ago the plan was to list our house March 1st and then find a new one. But then the perfect house popped up in our search and two days later there we were making an offer we honestly thought would never be accepted only to find ourselves scrubbing baseboards that night after it was.

We bought the new house February 1st, signed the listing paperwork for our current house February 2nd, the listing went live on the 3rd, and we had a cash offer by 10:30 that night. We ended up with a total of 5 offers because Westfield has lost its collective mind on the house front (I’m well aware us accidentally buying a house 2 days after seeing it makes us part of the problem), and thank goodness it went that fast and backup offers were involved because my husband is a nightmare when the house he lives in is up for sale and we can’t afford both a new house and a divorce.

The rumor is we’ll close on both houses on the 28th and so far we’ve made it through the inspection on the new house, the inspection on our current house is happening as I write this, and I am STRESSED as I wait for the other shoe to drop on this whole thing. Jesse and our realtor keep telling me it’s all going to be fine and to calm the hell down, but instead I’m chugging coffee to amp up the anxiety because there is nothing more efficient than an anxious packer and I’m down to only 18 days to get this mess boxed up. I’ll start thinking about calming down March 1st when this is (theoretically) an actual done deal.

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