Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

I Said What I Said

Since the world’s currently severely lacking in debate (especially today), I thought I’d go ahead and start a few.

1. Fluffy towels are overrated. Every single fluffy towel I’ve encountered has failed miserably at its one job of getting things dry.

2. Fluffy pillows are overrated. I’ve been sleeping on the same 2 pillows for as long as I can remember. I was about to say they came with me from childhood, but then I remembered the tornado renders that belief false. I do, however, feel confident in saying I’ve had these pillows since 2011 and I have zero intention of replacing them ever.

3. Black cherry White Claw is disgusting. Give me mango or give me actual water.

4. Speaking of water. . .actual water > sparkling water. Come at me.

5. Any coffee you make at home is better than Starbucks. Except the pumpkin cream cold brew. I will overpay for that all day every day.

6. Fruit in dessert is a waste of dessert. If it’s not chocolate, why are we here?

7. Video articles are dumb. No one wants to sit through 60 seconds of ads to watch a 45 second video telling you why hair of the dog won’t cure your hangover so much as make it worse. Just give me words I can skim.

8. Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. This one is so glaringly obvious it doesn’t even need an explanation.

9. Dumb listicles like this should always end at 10. But this one’s ending at 9. And now I’m mad at me, too.

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