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Back Home Again in Indiana

First Trimester (Lucy Remix)

The best part of being preggers is popping that kid out which is, of course, not being preggers. And yet it counts. But the second best part of being preggers is making it out of the first trimester.

9, 11, and 13 weeks

I kicked off the sweet spot that is the second trimester last week and let me tell you what I don’t miss: the 24/7 low level nausea and the water aversion. I don’t know what it is with my unborn children, but they’ll only let me drink Mountain Dew for the first trimester. I seem to finally be out of that phase and into the water-but-only-if-it’s-cold-and-bottled phase so while I’m killing the planet with plastic, there’s at least hope this child won’t come out nuclear green.

There’s also a glimmer of hope this child won’t come out a carb. I’m no longer having to force myself to choke down anything resembling a vegetable and actually had a salad for lunch 2 days in a row last week. Will wonders never cease????

The answer is no, no they will not because I can now use my granite cleaner again! The only smells that really bother me when I’m knocked up (so far) are those of the bread aisle and inside the pantry and cabinets. I don’t know what part of that stank in particular is more than I can handle, but we learned the granite cleaner has an undertone of it, and for a while there I couldn’t spray it without wanting to put my house up for sale.

Speaking of houses for sale. . .remember when we accidentally moved last year and I congratulated myself on finally getting rid of all the baby stuff I’d been hoarding for 4 years? I have regrets.

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