Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

The Final Countdown

We’re 4 days away from having two kids in this house which is wild because it’s been 6 years and we’re still not sure how the one got here.

38 weeks

This whole pregnancy has been wild actually. We spent a solid 7 months mostly pretending it wasn’t happening only to hit panic mode in the last few months. I say this like it’s not exactly what we did with Boogs. People who have the nursery ready to go and names picked out at 15 weeks blow my mind. We’d rather play Which Came First – The Baby or the Crib? It’s a risky little game we’ve won twice now.

Jesse got the crib built and car seats in a couple weeks ago, he and Boogs got the wall decals up over the crib this past Sunday, and I finished up baby laundry yesterday. This is it, Lucy. I know you heard us talk about getting a little bookshelf for your room, but what you need to know is us talking about it and us doing it are two entirely different things. What I’m saying is it’s not getting better than this so you may as well come out now. The bookshelf will follow in a year or never.

Jesse told her several times last night that it’s time to come out because sweet lady freedom am I over this child being on the inside. That’s not to say I’m ready for broken lady parts, no sleep, and all the other things that make a fresh baby a real party (is it obvious the newborn stage isn’t my favorite stage or am I doing a good job hiding it?), but I am ready to bid the cankles farewell, cut my toenails, and burn the maternity jeans. I also won’t be mad about Pepcid no longer being a lifeline, afternoon iced coffee, or not taking an hour to recover from walking up one flight of stairs. I could keep this list going, but it’s been 15 minutes so if you’ll excuse me, I need to pee again.

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