Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

3 Months

This kid is now 3 months old and I keep saying all he does is hit the bottle and sleep it off, but that’s really not fair to him because he also tries to eat his hands now.

There’s a 100% chance I’m going to jinx it by putting it here on the online, but his real life achievement so far is sleep. He remains a much better sleeper than Boogs has ever thought about being in his 6 ½ years of life. He was up at 3 to eat last night, and that’s such a rare occurrence that I’m being 50 shades of dramatic about how terrible he slept and acting like there’s not enough caffeine in the world to keep me vertical right now. I could (and sometimes do) cry actual tears when I think about what a champion sleeper he’s been.

The only thing this kid loves more than sleeping is hanging out on his changing pad, getting over excited with the ceiling fan, and Boogs. We’ll put him in his bouncy chair while we eat dinner and he’ll start getting cranky because he wants to sit at the table, too, and when one of us puts him on our lap, he’ll just sit there and watch Boogs, breaking out the big smiles. He’s also been known to “yell” at Boogs to get his attention, and they both thought the Oliver “Punches” Boogs in the Nose game was the greatest game ever.

Other milestones this month include rubbing his eyes when he’s tired, rolling over (we’re 99% sure he’s meant it twice), graduating from 3 month clothing (that 86th percentile on length is no joke), and starting daycare. You would think the second one starting daycare wouldn’t be as traumatic as the first one starting daycare, but you’d be wrong. There were most definitely tears on the first day, and they were mine and mine alone. I realize he wasn’t as distraught as I was because he’s only 3 months old and mostly has no idea what’s happening in the world, but it would have been nice if he had at least whined a little. Instead, he had a huge smile for his teacher. This is the same teacher Boogs once picked over Jesse when he was in the only want to be held by dad phase of his life so according to Jesse, the battle has resumed. I should probably let her know.

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