Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

4 Months

As this child enters his second quarter of life, I wish I had a quarter for every time he’s spit up. He’s only 4 months old, but I’d already be a millionaire. Possibly a billionaire but who can count that high?

You really and truly have not seen a baby spit up until you’ve seen this baby spit up. He’s been known to lose gallons at a time, which is even more impressive when you consider he only takes down 5 ounces at a time. I understand you think I’m exaggerating, but even his teachers will back me up on the accuracy of these statements. If there was a Baby Olympics, he’d be the Michael Phelps of the Spit Up category. The BOC (Baby Olympic Committee) may not even let him in because it would be so unfair to the other babies.

When he’s not busy marking his territory, he’s busy giving us giggles and giant smiles because he knows those counteract making everyone change their clothes 92 times a day. He’s also into folding and licking his hands like a feral gentleman, chewing on the burp rag, and smiling at himself in the mirror.

At 4 whole months, he’s mastered rolling from front to back, spinning in his crib, and sleeping on his side (which for some reason is the cutest thing ever). His love for the ceiling fan is still going strong and his fascination with his brother is endless.

And don’t even think about leaving him out at dinner. He will yell to get your attention and yell some more until someone puts him on their lap. Nobody puts baby in the corner.

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