Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

6 Months

We have truly outdone ourselves and kept this child alive for half a year! The celebration included donuts for those of us with teeth and banana for those of us with none. He was not impressed, but honestly, neither were we (1/10 would recommend Dunkin in the afternoon).

Things we are impressed by: his squeals. This is hard to explain, but imagine every time you feel even a half an ounce of joy you let out a high pitched squeal of varying lengths. That’s what we’re dealing with and it’s both hilarious and amazing. Sometimes he’ll get all squirmy and irritated so we’ll put him down in his crib and basically as soon as the door closes, the squeals start. He loves nothing as much as his own company.

He also loves trying to eat everything and the less foodlike it is, the better. His hands remain at the top of his list of delicacies, but the burp rag is a very close second. I’m hopeful this means that unlike his father, he’ll be open to leftovers. Then again, he also finds his shirt to be quite delicious so maybe he’s just a cotton man.

He’s thisclose to sitting on his own, has mastered sticking his tongue out, and continues to give every indication that escape is his main life goal. As someone who’s lived with us, I can’t say I blame him.

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