Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

8 Months

Everyone with multiple kids tells you each kid is wildly different. You hear this from enough different people that you believe it before you’re in it, and then once you’re in it, you cross your fingers that the “wildly different” applies to the less than ideal parts – maybe this one won’t be so screamy, maybe this one won’t have such a large head, maybe this one will actually eat purees as the Gerber baby leads you to believe babies do. And then you find yourself with yet another child whose head you wouldn’t exactly describe as small and zero interest in purees.

He is, however, incredibly interested in eating string cheese*, potatoes, chicken nuggets*, whipped cream, and paper products. Dude has yet to meet an envelope he wouldn’t like to have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  He also likes feet. His mostly, but I suspect he’d be down to try someone else’s, too.

And the way he lives life with his tongue out, I’m not convinced he doesn’t also enjoy eating air. It’s extra delicious this time of year what with the holiday magic floating around so I can’t say I blame him.

The “each kid is wildly different” people are also wildly incorrect in that exactly like his brother, he’ll take Dad over Mom. And exactly like with his brother, I am not impressed with this game. I’m also not impressed with Jesse trying to teach him to crawl. You would think this was his first baby rodeo the way he doesn’t seem to understand this child being immobile for as long as possible is the real goal.

Other things these “wildly different” children of mine have in common (outside of their faces): they’re very good at sitting up, they’ll go after your face with their mouth wide open, and neither is crawling. Am I talking about both of them at 8 months or both of them today? Yes.

*Stand down, DCFS – we watched him like a hawk and immediately fished out any chunks he got in his mouth.

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