Soybeans, Too

Back Home Again in Indiana

11 Months

This child accomplished absolutely nothing last month but really doubled down this month. It’s a real possibility he, too, procrastinates for weeks on end and then churns everything out in 24 hours. It’s a very popular productivity method that’s held up as a shining example in exactly none of the books so I can’t say I blame him for embracing it.

While he’s still not crawling, he is partial to standing. And by that I mean he likes to stand while holding on to something like the coffee table while someone is right behind him to catch him if he falls. Not exactly a prodigal gymnast which, for many reasons, is slightly disappointing.

What’s incredibly disappointing is that Jesse has managed to turn this child on me just like he did with Boogs. He is 500% the preferred parent – to the point that Oliver will straight up turn his back on me if I try to take him while Jesse’s holding him. What cured Boogs of this was when Jesse started grad school, leaving Boogs with no choice but me, but that is absolutely not an option this time so we’re just a family of teams now (#teammom).

He has four teeth coming in which don’t seem to bother him at all, probably because he’s using them to taunt his brother who has the same teeth coming out. He’ll look Boogs dead in the eye as he bites down on pizza crust (unquestionably his favorite food) and then pulls the crust out just to really drive home who has the teeth around here. If you feel the need to tell me this is only the beginning of their sibling feuds, please know I’m well aware; these two already had their first physical fight when Boogs literally stood between Oliver and his beloved window clings and Oliver showed his displeasure by repeatedly smacking Boogs on the head.

He’s emotionally attached to the blue ring in the stacking rings, and he loves few things more than reading My Day. It’s a baby book with soft crinkly pages, but he’s more into the story than the texture. He’ll hand it to you, lose his mind over a few of the pages, and after you read it and return it to him, he hands it right back to you to read again.

He absolutely needs to be eating whatever you’re eating, can go 5+ hours without a nap, likes to tell the Primus poster good morning and good night, and brought this family its first case of Hand Foot and Mouth. One of these we’re trying very hard to forget.

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