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Burgers and Dirt

Choosing a favorite burger place in Joplin was easy; it was Eagle or it was Eagle. Choosing a favorite burger place in Indy, however, is like choosing a favorite child. … Continue reading

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Oh, right. I have a blog. Sometimes you get busy living life and forget that. And by “living life”, I mean “obsessively watching the Olympics”. But we’ve also braved the … Continue reading

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Better Days

While Jesse obsessively watched The Weather Channel and refreshed Twitter to follow the impending doom, I declared it too early to start drinking (mostly because I didn’t have enough alcohol … Continue reading

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Airplane Theater

We were super excited about the prospect of the Parke County Covered Bridge Festival because how Indiana does that sound??? But then we discovered Parke County is south of Terre … Continue reading

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Suddenly, a Speedo

The forecast this past Saturday was 71 and sunny. Sunday was even worse with a high of 66. Clearly this was not weather to be wasted. The most obvious course … Continue reading

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Northside Nights

Those of you who don’t work in radio get paid in money. Those of us who do work in radio get paid in stickers and the occasional perk like concert … Continue reading

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Go Colts!

(I had big plans of starting this blog our first week in Indy, but as it turns out, I can procrastinate just as well in Indiana as I could in … Continue reading

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