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The Paci

I wasn’t even going to do a pacifier (and Lord knows I was not going to call it a paci). Everything I read while I was knocked up talked about … Continue reading

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Nothing Is Safe

I have a vague recollection of my mom sending my sisters and me upstairs to clean out the toy box, and instead of actually going through the toys, we just … Continue reading

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Dinner with a Toddler

For Christmas, I surprised Jesse with Foo Fighters tickets he had to buy himself because he’s better at stalking the on sale than I am. Needless to say he never … Continue reading

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Birth Control

You really want to cut down on teenage pregnancies? Let me talk to the teenagers. Keep doing what you’re doing with teaching them about birth control, condoms and all that, … Continue reading

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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Adult Perspective

We watch A LOT of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Like at least one episode a morning a lot (take your judgement elsewhere – a) it lets us get ready in the … Continue reading

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On Parenting

We’ve been at this whole parenting thing for just over a year now so we’re pretty much experts at this point. Just kidding. We know nothing. But I think that’s … Continue reading

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