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Friday Five

I have been a disaster of a human and physically incapable of remembering anything this week. Labor Day weekend was a legitimate surprise to me, and it just went downhill … Continue reading

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Friday Five

I keep forgetting it’s Labor Day weekend which is completely out of character for me. I think it’s because we’re (finally) going on vacation the next week and that’s where … Continue reading

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Friday Five

This child of mine is never without at least 62 of his possessions within arm’s reach. He sleeps with at least 7 stuffed animals, 2 blankets, and 1 monster truck … Continue reading

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Friday Five

Has anyone else’s life been utter chaos for the last 3ish weeks? I heard somebody say it’s because Mercury’s in retrograde. I never took physics so I have no idea … Continue reading

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The End Is Near

Jesse faux graduated last weekend, and he’ll be done faux real on the 19th. It’s been a hella long 20 months and while I’m ecstatic my grad school widow/single mom … Continue reading

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Dinner with a Toddler

For Christmas, I surprised Jesse with Foo Fighters tickets he had to buy himself because he’s better at stalking the on sale than I am. Needless to say he never … Continue reading

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Potty Time

I had such a good blog post going in my head as I was falling asleep last night, but now I remember exactly none of it. These are the hazards … Continue reading

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4th of July: Toddler Edition

No one loves America more than our neighbors in Joplin, but our neighbors here in Westfield are doing their damnedest to take that title for themselves. It had already been … Continue reading

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We opted to not do a breakfast/brunch/whatever with the bunny this year for a couple of reasons: 1) The Easter Bunny freaks me the hell out, and 2) The Easter … Continue reading

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Toddler Smart

I’m not saying Jesse’s dumb. Because he’s not. You don’t hold down an A average in grad school if you’re dumb. I’m just saying he’s not always toddler smart. If … Continue reading

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