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Toddler Smart

I’m not saying Jesse’s dumb. Because he’s not. You don’t hold down an A average in grad school if you’re dumb. I’m just saying he’s not always toddler smart. If … Continue reading

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8 Minute Memoir (Messes)

I forget where I saw the 8 Minute Memoir, but it seemed like a good writing exercise so I figured I’d jump on board. I’m incredibly behind and have no idea … Continue reading

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Food Fight

I don’t know who decided children need to be fed multiple times a day, but it was obviously someone who never had children. I see photos of tiny humans eating … Continue reading

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So Much Room For (Christmas) Activities!

Jesse and I have this impressive habit where every year we say we’re going to go do Christmas activities, and then we don’t go do Christmas activities. This year, however, … Continue reading

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Not to brag, but as of 3:27 in the pm, we’ve officially kept this kid alive for two whole years. And not to brag again, but this kid’s really accomplished … Continue reading

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The Twos

Everyone tells you the threes are more terrible than the twos which, as Boogs heads full throttle into two, aren’t exactly words of comfort. This kid is 90% savage already; … Continue reading

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Then I Had A Kid

  I never understood my mom’s love of silence. And then I had a kid. I never understood why everyone said they were “chasing after a toddler.” And then I … Continue reading

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Pull It Together. . .Again

Boogs will be 2 in 1 month and not enough days, and I’m pretty sure I’ve told myself, “This is amazing – I’m finally starting to feel like myself again” … Continue reading

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Vacation 2.0

When you’re living your life like a stressed out bag of stress, a vacation is going to sound hella appealing. Even when you know that vacation involves a toddler and … Continue reading

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